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Squarp - Hapax

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Performance Sequencer

The Hapax is a rather unique sequencer that promises intuitive usability and performance features.

Its stable and well-thought-out operating system works hand in hand with the two OLED screens and 128 RGB-enabled pads, leaving plenty of room for a new level of creativity when operating hardware and software synthesizers, modular equipment, drum machines, and more. Four different modes invite you to be inspired. While Live mode turns the pads into a MIDI keyboard, Step mode works like programming melodies and drum patterns in the piano part of a DAW. Automation can be used to draw automation curves, output MIDI CC messages, or control effect parameters or CV outputs. The "Dual Project" concept allows running two projects in parallel to seamlessly transition from one to the next during a live performance without loading delays. Full MPE support, real-time MIDI effects, creative composition tools like Time Elasticity, and a continually evolving OS. The whole thing is packed into a handy case weighing under 2000 grams, despite its rich feature set.


  • Polychronic performance MIDI and CV sequencer.
  • Four modes for accessing a wide range of sequence and performance functions
  • Dual-project architecture for seamless switching between projects within live performance
  • Project lengths of up to 8 patterns with up to 16 MIDI tracks
  • Combine patterns into sections for multi-pattern playback
  • Song structures for assembling multi-section playbacks
  • Tracks can be set from 16th notes to 32 bars with independent running modes (forward, backward, ping-pong or random)
  • Track phasing via "time elasticity" for adjustable BPM drifting
  • High-resolution recording and looping of up to 192ppqn of MIDI data (including MPE)
  • Real-time performance modes, including isomorphic scale layouts, chord generation or drum view with 16 velocity ranges
  • Real-time track transposition and MIDI effects (arpeggiator, chance, Euclid, harmonizer, etc.)
  • Three different step modes for different instruments (Polyphony, Drums and MPE)
  • Algorithmic composition tools together with "conditional triggers" per note
  • Automation editor and interpolator for CCs, pitch, aftertouch and more
  • 16-bit CV with full scaling to Eurorack level (input and output)
  • Connectivity: 5-pin DIN, CV, gate and USB host/device
  • SD card slot for project storage
  • Innovative and regularly developed HapaxOS