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Noise Engineering

Noise Engineering - Melotus Versio

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Stereo texturizer using granular processing designed for grain delays, accompaniment, and transformation of any and all audio.

Melotus Versio is a stereo texturizer that uses granular processing to transform and reshape sound. It’s granular for Doombient. Designed to be played by hand or manipulated within a patch, Melotus can act as everything from a grain delay to a completely transformative texturizer with extensive grain control and manipulation of triggering, direction, and randomness. Audio can be filtered with a lowpass/highpass Combo filter that adds haunting shimmers and subharmonics. Plus, grains can be frozen by hand or with triggers and gates, or clocked to create rhythmic effects. Plus, Melotus Versio is a DSP platform and can be transformed into a completely different effect by loading a growing number of alternate firmwares, completely free—or program your own firmware with our open-source documentation.