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Noise Engineering

Noise Engineering - Electus Versio

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Desmodus’s more aggressive clocked counterpart

Not quite a reverb, not quite a delay, it's Desmodus’s more aggressive clocked counterpart.

More distortion, more in-your-face atmospheres, and synced delays for creating your tails in a whole new way.

Use Electus Versio as a spacey clocked delay, as a reverb that starts with some synced echoes, or as a completely new way to create evolving spaces.

Electus Versio is free for all Versio owners. Check out Versio modules at the World of Versio.

Already own a Versio? Try Electus and all the Versio firmwares now at the Noise Engineering Customer Portal for free.

Also be sure to check out our panel overlays on our website, too.