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1 of 1 - Hyrlo (2nd hand module)

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Module in mint condition with original box!

3x stereo/mono (6 in total) high quality audio mixer

High quality 3x stereo up to 6x mono audio mixer with daisy chaining.
- L channel is normalled to R channel for mono sources
- multiple usage configurations:
• 3 stereo pairs
• 2 stereo + 1 mono
• 1 stereo + 2 mono
• 1 up to 6 mono sources
- potentiometers curves optimized for smooth and natural volume control
- channels signal LED indication
- AC-coupled circuitry
- multiple mixers can be daisy chained
- configurable settings to interrupt daisy chaining with inserted jacks
- transparent, clean sound, ultra low noise
- symmetrical panel can be flipped backwards to change the panel design
- reversed power polarity protection
- compact design, skiff friendly