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acapulcomodular - Ferry (2nd hand module)

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Module in mint condition with original box!


Quality two channels send/return module to external outboards effects such as fx pedals or external processors

Ferry is high quality two channels send/return module to outboard gear such as FX pedals or external processors

  • manual control for dry/wet signal mix
  • two modes for input channels: linked gain or crossfaded between input channels
  • send includes two modes: stereo or mixed mono
  • attenuation of send signal suitable for use with external effects
  • two gain amplification modes for returned signal
  • Ferry can be used as line level signal preamp
  • channels input, main output LED indication
  • send clipping LED indication
  • AC-coupled circuitry
  • transparent, clean sound, ultra low noise
  • 3.5mm stereo jacks for send and return
  • daisy chaining output to connect with Hyrlo or Ferry modules
  • configurable settings to interrupt daisy chaining with inserted jacks
  • symmetrical panel can be flipped backwards to change the panel design
  • compact design, skiff friendly
  • reversed power polarity protection