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Happy Nerding - TriTone

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Good-natured equalizer with beefy overdrive – The TriTone comes equipped with three semi parametric bands, which work with shelfing respectively bell characteristic. Frequency and control ranges are wide enough to not only allow small adjustments but creative sound design as well. CV inputs plus bipolar attenuators enable the user to modulate the application point of each band. Hi levels result in strong saturation effects. Thanks to separate inputs and outputs, it is not only possible to use the bands in conjunction, but individually as well. In terms of sound, the TriTone shines with a gentle character. – At least as long as the signals fed to the module are rather low. High values lead to fierce, yet musical distortion.

The TriTone features three bands, which can be edited in frequency and level via concentric potentiometers. At most, the module allows adjustments of +20 dB or -30 dB. High levels lead to saturation respectively overdrive effects. Bands are usable individually, or they can be linked via switches. CV inputs with bipolar attenuators make it possible to modulate the frequency parameters. In detail, TriTone offers the following bands:

  • Hi-Shelf
  • Bandpass (Bell)
  • Low-Shelf