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Happy Nerding - 3x MIA

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In only six HP Happy Nerding's 3 x MIA module unites three mixers, inverters and attenuator channels, using dual contrentic polarizer controls. Each group of two inputs can generate offset voltages, can be utilized as a 2:1 mixer or as an polarizer for scaling signals. Switches sum the groups's outputs and expand the mixing functionality by different mix configurations.

Each group comprises of two inputs with their input levels and polarity set by the dual polarizer. If nothin is patched to an input, the according control generates an offset voltage from -5V to +5V. The two signals, no matter if offset voltage or the scaled input(s), are mixed at the ±A±B output.

LEDs for each input visualize the signal intensity and simplify suppressing the signal in center position which is not marked by a center detent.

Using a switch the group can be normalized to the group below (group 1 to 2 and group 2 to 3) which of course has an effect on the mix configuration. This way it is possible to use groups 1 and 2 as a four-input mixer and group 3 as a separate two-input mixer or for other functions. Or you use the entire module as a six-channel mixer.