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Eowave - Zone B.F. Dual LFO

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The Zone B.F. is a dual LFO with a rich waveform selection. Besides standard wave shapes and noise, the module offers several random waves. Sync connectors allow users to reset the low-frequency oscillators via gate signals. Alternative, it is possible to use the inputs for control voltages. The LFOs can work in the range from 0.1 Hz to 200 Hz.

The Zone B.F. is composed of two identical LFOs. Each signal generator comes equipped with control elements for adjusting the speed and selecting waveforms. Furthermore, there is a sync input and a control voltage output per LFO. 16 waveforms are available. – Some of them are rather unusual. The sync connectors can be transformed into control voltage inputs via jumpers. Compared to the first output, the second socket emits a signal with inverted phase.