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acapulcomodular - Two of Cups

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2 voice intuitive sample player with 8 banks each containing 24 samples

Two of Cups is 6 HP intuitive eurorack sample player with 8 banks of samples. It consists of 2 identical sample player voices with zero-latency playback, each having CV control over Pitch, Gate and Meta samples scan. Additionally each channel features a Parameter knob that can set the Decay of the internal ASR Envelope (min. 10 mSec., max. 10 Sec.), Sample volume, Pitch Offset with +/- 2 octaves, Sample Select over 24 samples, enable / disable Looping and Reverse playback.
Modules plays WAV files of arbitrary sample rate: 8 and 16 and 24 bit samples with 12 bit output bitrate.
Factory sound-bank by Julia Bondar.