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Doepfer A-120 Diode Low Pass Filter

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Diode Low Pass Filter

Module A-102 is a reproduction of the legendary low pass filter design that uses diodes in the filter stage as frequency controlling elements resulting in "strange" resonance behaviour and frequency response as resonance and frequency are not independent from another.

As for the rest the A-102 is identical to the A-120 Moog low pass filter resp. the A-103 (18dB TB-303 filter). i.e., the same controls, inputs and outputs. Only the filter sound is different.

  • Manual control of filter frequency
  • 3 CV inputs (CV1, CV2, CV3), 2 of them with attenuators (CV2, CV3)
  • Input level control
  • Resonance control up to self-oscillation (depends upon the frequency setting for the A-102)

The English manual will be available about May 2003. Until then you may look at the user's guide of A-120 ( or A-103 (