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Cosmotronic - Delta-V

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Delta-V features two function generators with additional VCAs. The components are matched very well. Their sound is clean and free of clipping. Used as envelopes, the function generators are ideal for crisp, percussive sounds. In LFO mode, the circuits go up into the audible range. Features such as shapeable attack and decay curves, slew inputs and EOC outs complete the outstanding overall impression.

Delta-V offers to identical function generators. Using switches, it is possible to choose between a one-shot (envelope) and cycle mode (LFO). Attack and decay times are set via knobs. A third potentiometer per function generator determines the curve shapes. The control range goes from exponential to linear and finally logarithmic characteristic. In envelope mode, the modulators can be activated via trigger channels. For variations, there are slew inputs. Attack and decay parameters can be modulated as well. Signals generated by the function generators are available at the Out connectors. – At least as long as no cables are plugged into the VCA inputs. If this is the case, the signal flow changes. Then, signals processed by the VCAs are emitted via the Out sockets. EOC connectors produce a trigger at the end of each envelope respectively LFO cycle.