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Blukač - Endless Processor

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Dual-channel infinite sound sustainer

Endless Processor is a dual-channel infinite sound sustainer machine.

Put your favorite instruments, unique timbres, or field recordings - virtually any sound - and make it last forever.

It is not a looper in the usual sense - Endless Processor resynthesizes your sounds to create a perfect clickless stream while preserving the timbral and tonal character of the original.

Endless Processor always listens to audio input and keeps a most recent history. Experiment with sustaining little bits of a sample or make a massive wall of sound with the ability to select how much memorized audio to process.

Stack your sounds (or move between them) to create harmonies, textures, or drones with 5 layers per channel.

Each layer can be re-processed or cleared while keeping other ones in place. Set fade-in and fade-out time to quickly or gradually introduce a new layer or remove the existing one.

Additional controls will help you to adjust or shape a channel volume (think built-in VCA).