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Bastl Instruments

Bastl Instruments - Dark Matter

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Feedback Observatory by Casper Electronics

Dark Matter is a high energy sound processor and signal generator that unleashes the crazy raw power of audio feedback into your eurorack system. It’s inspired by “no input” mixer feedback techniques that explore the complex natural behaviours of amplifier circuits pushed beyond their limits. Dark Matter brings this behavior to the modular synth, adds voltage control to everything, tons of patching options and a big ol’ bag of tricks for making feedback a truly playable effect.

Excite audio signals to the breaking point with 4 flavours of voltage controlled overdrive
Turbo charge percussive hits and drum beats
Add sub-octave tones and timbrel richness to melodies and bass lines
Tweak your tone with a crunchy overdriving 2 band EQ
Add signal ducking and gating effects with the built in envelope follower
Go the feedback way and create meandering loops through your rack using the 10 I/O jacks…..Feedback your feedback your feedback