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Analogue Systems RS-500N EMS Filter

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Genuine EMS Synthi filter. This legendary filter can be switched between pre-1974 and post-1974 filter type and response (aka resonance). For the first time response can be voltage controlled which was designed on the circuit board but not available on the matrix. This module is made under license from EMS.

Thanks to a new front panel and bus concept, this version of the RS-500 is fully compatible to Doepfer-style Eurorack systems.

The only officially licensed remake of the EMS diode lowpass filter used in the VCS3 and AKS synths. It´s a faithful recreation of the original circuit, featuring some modifications that are also done on vintage EMS equipment, like a switchable faster CV response option for very quick modulations. Another switch determines if the filter has -18dB/oct slope as used by EMS pre-1974 or a slope of -24dB as used after 1974.

The cutoff frequency and also the resonance are voltage controllable. Signal inputs and outputs have level controls.