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AJH Synth - Dual RVG Random Voltage Event Generator

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The limited-edition Random Voltage Event Generator (RVG) is a faithful replica of the legendary EMS Random Voltage Generator.

It is a random CV and Gate generator that produces smoothly varying, or stepped random voltages. By copying the original concept, the RVG is built on four unijunction transistors. While three of them are configured as ramp and hold generators the fourth is an LFO. In general, the RVG produces two separate random voltages, it is possible to add a bias voltage to either of the random voltage outputs, and also add slew to Voltage 1. The clock time between pulses – that the random outputs are based on – can be randomized and CV controlled, as well as the parameter Time variance.

The most straight-forward outputs of the RVG are the Triangle and Ramp coming from the internal LFO. This LFO works as a clock source and can be voltage controlled, the waveform shape follows the time variance. The internal clock can be started using an external gate or with the help of the manual trigger button that works when the clock is stopped.

With the TR-IN input you can use an external clock instead of the internal LFO. There is also a gate output, the gate length changes in proportion with the time variance, and the duty cycle of the gate can be varied from 1% to 99%.

This is a classic random generator that allows you to trim the outputs exactly to your liking, as the two random voltage outputs have controls for level and offset.